Documents required for the HUZIP membership

  • Completed and signed application for Power of attorney D
  • Copy of passport or other identification document
  • Copy of bank account card
Sign and fill the Power of attorney Form with all necessary data and, along with other required documents, send by regular mail to the following address:

Ivana Broza 8A
10000 Zagreb


Power of attorney

Performers – foreign nationals – can become HUZIP members and entrust HUZIP with managing their performers' rights -  fill the Power of attorney Form D;

Power of attorney D

a) worldwide (WW)

b) worldwide, excluding countries/territories of the member's choice (WW-)

- a performer wanting to have this membership variety can list countries/territories that would be excluded from protection.
c) territory of Republic of Croatia (R)

d) territory of Republic of Croatia and territory of certain states of the member's choice (R+)

- a performer wanting to have this membership variety can list all the countries where they wish to implement protection. 

Power of attorney – Personal identification number (OIB)

In order to receive their royalty fee, every member of HUZIP has to submit their Personal identification number (OIB). A foreign member that does not have an OIB, must obtain one from the Croatian Tax Administration Office.  

If a member is not able to obtain OIB personally at the Croatian Tax Administration Office, it is necessary to contact HUZIP for further instructions at

Registration of recorded performance

All HUZIP members are obliged to register correct and complete data concerning newly recorded performances in the previous calendar year, and must do so until January 15th of the current calendar year. Maintaining of the correct records of their performances and the distribution of royalties depends on the accurate registration.

Recorded performances can be registered:
- via regular form (FORM – REGISTRATION OF RECORDED PERFORMANCE) that must be completed, signed and delivered through regular mail or personally.

Data change

If you, by chance, change your personal data, please inform us about it as soon as possible, using the following form:


In case you require help to complete the Form, please contact us:

Ivana Broza 8A
tel: +385 1/303-3617