HUZIP is a non-profit organization that, pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and empowered by the State Intellectual Property Office in Croatia, carries out the collective management of performers' rights in the Republic of Croatia.
Any domestic and foreign music performer that, via a special power of attorney, authorizes HUZIP to protect their performers' rights can be a member of HUZIP.
HUZIP also protects the rights of all foreign performers in Croatia, based on bilateral agreements concluded with similar international collecting societies pursuant to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and international agreements and conventions accepted and ratified by the Republic of Croatia. 
HUZIP issues licenses for the use of fixed performances by music performers, monitors the public use of fixed performances, collects royalties from the users and distributes the received fee to the performing artists. 
Terms of use and the fee amount for fixed music performances are mainly established through contracts with user associations, or through contracts with each individual users, if there is no such association. 
In case the remuneration cannot be established by contract, the user is obliged to pay a fee according to the HUZIP's tariff. 
HUZIP is a full-fledged member of international associations AEPO-ARTIS (Association of European Performers Organizations) and SCAPR (Societies` Council for the Collective Management of Performers` Rights).
HUZIP bodies: 

Nikša Bratoš, president
Paolo Sfeci, vice president
Andrej Babić
Dražen Baljak
Nikša Bratoš
Neven Frangeš
Goran Karan
Zoran Katić
Mirela Priselac
Zvonimir Stanislav

Sanja Doležal Šarić - president
Husein Hasanefendić
Goran Končar
Miroslav Lesić
  Masimo Savić